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Professional cleaning for HVACs, dryer vents, air duct leak repairs, and more! Schedule a service appointment to have Pearland air ducts cleaned by local pros.


Will cleaning my air ducts result in a cleaner home?

Absolutely! Our customers immediately notice a reduction in the amount of dust that settles on furniture and floors in their homes after cleaning their air ducts. Check out answers to many more questions in our interesting new FAQ section below.

What is meant by professional dryer vent cleaning?

When we clean your dryer vent, our team removes all traces of lint and dust buildup that has been deposited inside your dryer and vents. When lint isn’t properly removed, it can absorb moisture which promotes bacteria growth and will also increase the chance of an electrical fire. With dryer vent cleaning, your machine will dry clothing much faster and use less energy.

Is filter cleaning sufficient for kitchen exhaust hood maintenance?

While it is essential, it is not sufficient for keeping the exhaust hood running efficiently and safely. This is because grease builds up not only inside the filter, but also on the walls of the exhaust vent. If the vent isn’t cleaned properly on a frequent basis, there will be a considerable risk of fire.

Do my HVAC air ducts need emergency cleaning?

This step is recommended when there are dangerous contaminants present in the ductwork. The list includes mold that may cause disease in humans and biological contaminants left by pests such as feces and urine that are sources of viruses and bacteria. Many people go for air duct cleaning right away if a family member has been diagnosed with a respiratory condition, as it is an important measure for improving the indoor air quality.


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