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Professional cleaning for HVACs, dryer vents, air duct leak repairs, and more! Schedule a service appointment to have Pearland air ducts cleaned by local pros.


Our experts use this tips section to provide our local customers with a lot of different suggestions about how to keep their indoor air quality fresh and clean. Every interested home or business owner is bound to find some useful advice here.

Indoor air pollution can also come from stove and dryer ducts

Not only can irritants in your home come from your air ducts, but they can also come from your stove or dryer ducts. Gas stoves in particular can create problems for people with lung or breathing issues. Getting them, as well as your HVAC system cleaned properly is crucial. Our professionals can also clean your kitchen exhaust hood properly to help keep the air in your home clean and fresh.

Steps to take to insure your air ducts stay clean

You can prevent dirt and debris buildup inside your air ducts by changing the filters periodically; vacuuming your home on a regular schedule; using high efficiency filters to capture unwanted dust and debris; sealing your HVAC system whenever you remodel or have any home construction; keeping your air vents and ducts dry; and properly sealing ducts in spaces where there are no outlets. Contact our experts for additional ideas and to have your air ducts professionally cleaned.

Opt for immediate air duct seal repair in case of damage

Usually, the best thing to do is to replace the seal with new material designed especially for this purpose. There are various effective sealing materials to pick from. Mastic sealant is usually recommended. Metal tape will also do. It’s a mistake to use duct tape as it is ineffective and short-lasting.


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